Oh, yes, it's Ladies' Night and the feelin's right! (CASA's Ladies' Night, that is!)

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to The CASA Chronicles! Last month we delved into the different relationships our CASA volunteers have had with their kiddos. This month we’re going to talk about one of my favorite fundraisers: CASA’s Ladies’ Night!

At CASA’s Ladies’ Night, women of all ages from different areas in Venango County come together at the Rouseville Volunteer Fire Hall Community Center to play BINGO, shop, and win awesome prizes—for a cause: Abused and neglected children in the Venango County court/foster system.

Vendors provide items they sell as the BINGO prizes. This year’s vendors were: Bekah Baisch with LuLaRoe; Karen Evans with Tupperware; Marsha Show with Pink Zebra; Jessie Reaves with Ruby Ribbon; Heather Miller with Perfectly Posh; Savannah Asche with Magnolia & Vine; Megenn Sheetz with Paparazzi; Nikki McGill with Younique; Rebecca Burroway with Pure Romance; Shantel Freni with Avon; and Marla McVay with Mary Kay. There was also a table of jewelry handmade by Natalia Gardner, a favorite teacher of many children in our community. And a handmade WELCOME sign was donated, as well, by Cinnamon’s sister, Brandy Bromley.

Rip-off tickets and pull-tab tickets are another highlight of the evening (and another awesome way to win some cash!) This time they were distributed by Bob Evans and Tyler Lockart, and Venango County Commissioner, Chip Abramovic, even jumped in to help!

While CASA’s Ladies Night is not really an event most men would attend, men are never turned away. Last year, James “Mac” McFetridge, a 13-year CASA veteran, dressed up as a woman and stopped by to say hello! I think he said his name was Julie!

This event is always BYOB so guests may bring their drink of choice, whether it be a bottle of Rosé, a six-pack of Redd’s Apple Ale, or a 2-liter of Coca Cola! And guests may bring snacks of their choice, too! Other food, like burgers, popcorn chicken, and nachos are available for purchase at each event from the Rouseville VFD.

Theresa Weldon, a long-time friend of CASA, who operates Precious Paws Animal Rescue, has been our wonderful BINGO Caller for many Ladies’ Night events. This fall, we decided to do something special for Theresa and Precious Paws, and we collected donations for the organization in exchange for a ticket to win a special door-prize. Theresa’s husband, Scott, filled the backseat of his pickup with a ton of donations. Thank you to everyone who brought in an item for them! And, of course, they are grateful for donations at any time. Their web address is Go check them out!

There’s something about the community coming together, working as one for not only one, but two great causes that makes CASA’s Ladies’ Night very special. Not to mention all the fun to be had while you’re there!

Our next event is on May 2, 2020. While it isn’t themed per-say, this happens to fall on the Kentucky Derby, and we will be doing a few extra things including a Best Hat Prize and some fun minty punches (one alcoholic, one virgin). Tell your friends, clear your calendar, and plan to join us! Visit our Pinterest page for Kentucky Derby fascinators/hats ideas!

If you are interested in being a vendor at our May event, please send your information to