Leaving a Lasting Impression

Welcome back, readers! Over the past few months, things have been pretty informative. We’ve talked about what CASA is, what it’s like to become a volunteer, and what the Sweet Case program entails.

Throughout the past few years, we have experienced some truly wonderful things. The relationships between the children and our volunteers makes a huge difference in the lives of both the children and the volunteer. It’s so important that these relationships are shared.

So today is simply going to be a story-time, where you will see some of the amazing relationships that have formed between children and their CASA’s.

One amazing CASA volunteer, Bridgid McIntyre, who has been a CASA for 11 years, had an experience unlike many others. She was assigned to a case of a young girl, who had a very tough childhood and needed serious support. Because of what happened to her, she had a lot of difficulties, including suicidal thoughts. Bridgid did everything to make sure this girl was safe, even to the point of talking her off a bridge. Eventually, this girl “aged-out” of the system and would no longer be considered a dependent of the state. This also meant that Bridgid would no longer act as her CASA. But she and Brigid kept in touch. The girl went to nursing school, and she invited Brigid to her graduation ceremony.


Recently, a call came through at the CASA office looking to speak to Carol, another amazing volunteer of nine years. It was a former CASA kiddo who wanted to invite Carol, who was assigned to his case, to his high school graduation. Again we see another relationship that went beyond the means of the legal system.


When a child is adopted, they have the chance to change their middle name. Sandy, another volunteer, worked with a young girl who loved Mercedes Benz cars. When Sandy visited the girl, they often did two things. Sometimes they would go to the dollar store—what little girl doesn’t love shopping? Other times they would drive around looking for Mercedes Benz’s, even stopping at dealerships to look. It meant so much to this girl that when she was adopted, she changed her middle name to Mercedes. That will be something that connects that girl to Sandy for the rest of her life; she’ll never forget the fun they had!


A similar thing happened to Mary Rose, a volunteer for two years now. She was assigned the case of two little girls, and when they were adopted, one of them changed her middle name to Rose. Imagine having that kind of impact on a child’s life that they want to change something permanently because of you.


There is nothing more inspiring than seeing the lives of children change. Until I heard these stories, I never knew just how close a CASA and their child could get. When it all comes down to it, it’s about changing a child’s life, about changing their story, and about making it better.

Until next time,